Monday, January 29, 2007

First Bath, First Stroller Ride, First YouTube

Lillian had her first real bath this weekend; her cord fell off a few days beforehand. To our mild surprise, she enjoyed the experience. The following day we decided to christen the Graco stroller due to the beautiful (June)uary weather in Virginia. Lillian alternated between fussing and sleeping--I think Liz was pleased to just get out of the house.

Of course, photos are located in our web album (links to the right). I've also posted a short 1 minute video of the stroller ride. Keep tuned for more updates.


kate said...

Lizzie!!! You look GREAT! I can't believe you had a baby two weeks ago!

Baby Brooks is waving to his new cousin...he things she's cute!

Trent said...

Kate, thanks for the first comment on our blog! Hopefully this one gets the ball rolling. In addition, you've won an outstanding prize--kudos from Trent.

kate said...

no, really...what's my prize??!? (You are a dad now--you've got to know that the word "prize" conjures up images of Target aisles and McDonald's Happy Meals.)