Sunday, February 11, 2007

One Month Birthday

Wow, Lillian is one month old this Monday. Did we mention that she's already reciting Shakespeare while running a 5K? Simply amazing! She had a number of visitors this weekend. Please watch the video below for the action-packed summary.


Judith said...

Happy One Month Birthday little Lillian! So cute! And so alert after one month in the world already! Wow!

Trent said...

Judith, you're the first repeat blogger. I sense momentum for all friends and family.

The Staunton Kincheloes said...

Hey guys,
Where are the updates?!! We need our Lillian fix! She is ADORABLE--of course--and very alert. Pam was telling us about her new bumbo(?)chair, sounds like a load of fun (pun intended). Sorry it has taken this long to post, but we are better lurkers than posters. Hoping you all are doing well. We send our kisses and hugs.