Sunday, April 15, 2007

Meet the Hartwigs

This weekend, Lillian met her great-grandparents (Lynn's parents--Leon and Marilyn), great-aunts (Terri and Lisa), and cousin (Nathan). They enjoyed meeting Lillie Mae after dining on the fare of our exuberant neighbor: Alberto, he catered our wedding reception. After Lillian took a brief nap, we then proceeded to watch some Planet Earth, fix a dresser drawer, play some video games, and take a bunch of photos.

You will also note the new video below titled, "Filling the Pants." This is the first foray back into video after our big hit, "Lillian Cooing." Wow, big pressure to meet expectations this go-around! For those interested--and who wouldn't be--you can check out the extended footage.

In summary, thanks for coming up guys and we're glad Lillian finally had the chance to "Meet the Hartwigs."

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