Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Orleans

I'm in New Orleans this week attending the CS '07 conference. I presented my research on Tuesday afternoon. I received several compliments afterwards. More importantly, my paper generated feedback from many prominent coastal scientists and engineers. On Thursday I'll be on a technical tour of the Louisiana coastal zone--Fourchon and the Timbalier Islands.

A few random observations, the cuisine is fantastic, the people are wonderful (but watch your back), the city is still very much recovering from Katrina, the French Quarter is wild, and I could eat bread pudding all day. This has been a long trip away from Lillian and Liz...looking forward to returning home.


Lisa said...

The Bread Pudding looks too difficult to make for my cooking abilities. You will have to make it for me next time we visit. :)

Anonymous said...

oh, my honey is brilliant! nice job!

pkincheloe said...

Bread pudding and coastal erosion. What about those adult beverages?

Trent said...

Bread pudding found its way onto the plane home. And how could I forget the pralines?!?