Thursday, January 24, 2008


Forty-three posts in 2007 and a heckuva start to 2008 warrant some catch-up and housecleaning.

Please note I've shortened the photos list, but not too worry because archived photos can be accessed through the 'All Albums' link. Once again, I'll plug subscribing to the blog via FeedBurner's the only way to access 'Richardson', and no, you will not be spammed. It's simply the occassional "Trent, Liz, and Lillie post" delivered to your inbox.

Onto the real content...

Of course, we enjoyed our first family Christmas with Lillie. It was relaxing, hectic, special, and all that fun Christmas stuff. New Years was also a blast...lock the doors, load the shotgun, and ride out the storm with our Y2K supplies!

Perhaps even more enjoyable, we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico in early January for a little tropical winter getaway. It was quite a good time...more details to come later, but check out the photos in the meantime. In fact, CW and Pam (Liz's parents) made the trip. And frankly, we welcomed the company and the extra set of eyes and arms for Lillie.

Btw, what do you think about our luxurious accomodations??

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