Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Beau Update

We're way overdue for a Beau-update. Especially considering he's a big boy (3 mos, 16+ lbs). He might beat us up if he hears about our negligence. For that matter, we also have not given Lillie enough attention either. What they say about the 2nd versus the 1st is very true (at least in regards to pictorial documentation). A brief recap...

Christmas went well...the amount of toys Lillie received bordered on the ridiculous. New Years was a rager [insert laughter]. Lillie turned 2 on Jan 12. We continue to be very proud of her...she's so special. And well, Beau is just a great baby. For example, he actually sleeps which is a pleasant surprise! Did I mention, he's a big boy? Liz goes back to work next week...time flies.

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